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    Living in the World with Dhamma

    This is a transcript of a talk given by the late teacher Ajahn Chah:

    Living in the World with Dhamma

    Most people still don't know the essence of meditation practice. They think that walking meditation, sitting meditation and listening to Dhamma talks are the practice. That's true too, but these are only the outer forms of practice. The real practice takes place when the mind encounters a sense object. That's the place to practice, where sense contact occurs. When people say things we don't like there is resentment, if they say things we like we experience pleasure. Now this is the place to practice. How are we going to practice with these things? This is the crucial point. If we just run around chasing after happiness and away from suffering all the time we can practice until the day we die and never see the Dhamma. This is useless. When pleasure and pain arise how are we going to use the Dhamma to be free of them? This is the point of practice.

    Usually when people encounter something disagreeable to them they don't open up to it. Such as when people are criticized: ''Don't bother me! Why blame me?'' This is someone who's closed himself off. Right there is the place to practice. When people criticize us we should listen. Are they speaking the truth? We should be open and consider what they say. Maybe there is a point to what they say, perhaps there is something blameworthy within us. They may be right and yet we immediately take offense. If people point out our faults we should strive to be rid of them and improve ourselves. This is how intelligent people will practice.

    Continues at the link:

    Any thoughts about the whole of the talk at the link?

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    A fascinating talk which often seems contradictory, but really keeps to one important aspect of Buddhism, that it doesn't matter where you are or what you do, it's whether you practice in the right way. The academic study of Buddhism and using those studies to use others' words about Buddhism is one extreme, and merely meditating is another. Taking meditation of the kind in the talk into everyday life and speaking the truth you personally find doing this, is, combined with following the path, the way forward.

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