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Thread: When Fear is No Longer the Enemy

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    When Fear is No Longer the Enemy

    A 6 minute video talk from Tara Brach.

    Any thoughts about what she said?

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    I had never considered “fight/flight” as something to be worked on with Metta. There it is. I quite enjoyed listening to Tara Brach talk. Then again I often do.
    Thank you Aloka for sharing this talk with us.

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    Hi Aloka,

    This teaching is so simple yet very profound. I like how she reminded us that it was the Buddha that taught this important practice to lean not to fight fear.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Kind Regards


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    This short talk certainly made me think more carefully about my automatic fear response.

    To attend to the feeling, to recognise that I'm reacting to fear, and to take control instead of being controlled by that reaction to fear.

    And then to embrace the cause of the fear, that's the way to disarm it, make it no longer dominant.

    We are not having to face scary monsters all the time. This approach, attend and embrace, is perfectly applicable to the smaller shocks and stresses of every-day life. Thanks Tara Brach for explaining it so simply, and thanks Aloka for bringing it to our attention.


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