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    I was raised in the Eastern Ortodox tradition, but was never trully "religious". I came across Theravada and Zen Buddhism in Canada while on my doctoral studies in Vancouver, BC. This encounter with the ancient wisdom was a a life-changing experience for me. Like in a story on ugly duckling finally finding her own swan tribe I found a form of spirituality that fits my own proclivities and that is at odds with my Christian upbringing that I considered the only possible context of spirituality and where I felt indeed like an ugly duckling (dogmas, ridiculous beliefs in God, in immortality of soul, 'sins', heaven and hell, retributive ethics..).

    Buddha Dhamma is a spiritual home I found myself in after encountering in the Western tradition teachings and ideas some aspects of which contained different Buddhist tenets, like pragmatism, liberalism, positvism and so on. Buddha Dhamma for me is both a "religious" path, and a constant reminder about universality of human experience and wisdom. None of the world civilization have a monopoly on truth, and the basic principles of good life and appropriate understanding of reality are available to everyone. Buddha Dhama is not "Eastern" nor "Western" idea, it's a unviersally human and global idea approapriate for all times and all places.

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    Hello Giovanelo,

    Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries! I hope you enjoy taking part in our discussions.

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    Hi Giovanelo,

    Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


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    Welcome Giovanelo!

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    Hello and welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries, Giovanelo! I look forward to reading your posts!

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    Welcome Giovanelo. Thank you for your wise post of conviction.

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