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    The mindfulness conspiracy

    I came across a (long) article on Mindfulness, in The Guardian newspaper (UK). You may find it an interesting read.

    The kernel of its content is this:
    Although derived from Buddhism, it’s been stripped of the teachings on ethics that accompanied it, as well as the liberating aim of dissolving attachment to a false sense of self while enacting compassion for all other beings.

    What remains is a tool of self-discipline, disguised as self-help. Instead of setting practitioners free, it helps them adjust to the very conditions that caused their problems. A truly revolutionary movement would seek to overturn this dysfunctional system, but mindfulness only serves to reinforce its destructive logic...Stress has been pathologised and privatised, and the burden of managing it outsourced to individuals.

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    I spent a year researching 'McMindfulness' and the article is spot on. Anything can be misused, and this is a misuse of mindfulness in order to blame people for the system which is indeed dysfunctional to them. While superficially well-meaning, such a programme of mindfulness for business is open to, "We have invested in a mindfulness programme for your benefit. if you are still stressed out by your job it's your fault. You either didn't follow the course properly or are not being mindful now". Not only that but absences through illness are expected to drop, so employees are blamed for being ill too.

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