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Thread: Breaking down the illusion

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    I came across the following quote from Ajahn Sumedho on a page with the title " Dhamma teachings of Ajahn Sumedho" on a website belonging to Bhikkhu Gavesaco. Does anyone know if its from a transcript or a recording of a talk given by Ajahn Sumedho?... because there seem to be several different quotes, and at the bottom it says "Amaravati winter retreat 1999".

    In meditation we are breaking down the illusion that the mind is in the brain. Actually, the brain -- and the whole body -- is in the mind! The brain is more like a radio receiver. Each of us is a separate conscious entity in the universe. We all see the world from here. Consciousness is like light which makes things visible. Each of us is the centre of the universe, the centre of the mandala. That's why we are ultimately alone. Nobody can help you do this practice, it's only up to you

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    Does anyone have any thoughts about the actual quote above ?

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    Seems a bit silly to me. Of course the mind is in the brain, although there may be evidence that the whole body contributes to the process of thought. The brain is more like a producer than a receiver, building its own version of the world from the scant information it receives, and imposing this version of reality on the world, which cares not a jot. We only get the feeling of being alone because we can't see through this illusion we create. Get past it through meditation and you get to see the oneness of everything and understand that we can never be alone.

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