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Thread: What if eating meat is not only wrong – but obsolete?

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    What if eating meat is not only wrong – but obsolete?

    An article from the Guardian newspaper.

    What if eating meat is not only wrong – but obsolete?

    Any thoughts about the article?

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    Those societies which ate meat in the past had an advantage over those purely vegetarian societies as less time was needed to feed and cloth people, so resulting in the larger numbers of hunter gatherers compared with merely gatherers, and, later, societies based on mixed farming rather than only arable farming. These conditions no longer apply, but it is hard to change how societies see food once things are established, and hard to unpick the economic reliance on mixed farming. On the other hand I've no doubt that if the population of the Earth continues to climb at such a rate, it will be impossible to feed people on anything as high in the food chain as animal meat, and that other solutions will have to be found.

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    The best estimates that I have seen is that the world can sustainably support about 2 billion people. We feed about four times that many right now through modern farming practices (the "green revolution") that are inherently unsustainable.

    I think people are becoming more aware of the environmental effects of unsustainability as the world's climate continues to deteriorate. Being able to eat with a smaller environmental footprint is becoming more important. So I agree that meat-eating is becoming obsolete.

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