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    This is a short article from the 'Lion's Roar' website by William Edelglass of the Barre Centre for Buddhist Studies, USA.

    Any thoughts about what was said in the article ?

    How Buddhists Can Benefit from Western Philosophy

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    An interesting article about what it means to use all of human inquiry as part of your practice. How do you know what you may be attached to unless you keep an open mind and have studied the whole of human experience? All philosophy is useful, and Western Philosophy is useful too, especially if it has resulted in 'contamination' of contemporary Buddhist culture in non-western societies. Western Philosophy is full of wonderful conflicting ideas and arguments about how to interpret reality, so is a must for any Buddhist wishing to explore the background to their current understandings and to aid insight meditation.

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    Hi Philg,

    One aspect of this article that I appreciated is how to think and act skillfully to address contemporary concerns such as justice and inequality and the imperative to respond to those concerns. Perhaps Western Philosophy can be one more tool we can use along the Noble Eightfold Path?

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