Thread: Buddhist Teacher David Loy Briefly Detained

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    Buddhist Teacher David Loy Briefly Detained

    Buddhist Teacher David Loy Briefly Detained in Denver During Climate Protests :

    Any thoughts?

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    I’m not sure how effective David Loy’s protest was, but if it brought awareness to one person then it was successful. Unfortunately as is stated, the people we most have to reach are the one’s who have the most to gain from keeping things the way they are... We have to remind them through the ballot box, that they hold their positions because they were elected.

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    Buddhists who see things as they really are have choices to make. Do you do something about things that are going to happen if nothing is done, or do you sit idly by saying that what will happen will happen so why try to do anything? There are no hard and fast rules, so I guess it's up to each of us to make these kinds of decisions. Personally I admire him.

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