Thread: Does the mind dream while awake during meditation sometimes?

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    Does the mind dream while awake during meditation sometimes?

    The image of a person flashed in front of my eyes while I was meditating. My eyes were closed and I was awake (as far as I know). Does the mind act as though its asleep when meditating? Does the mind have mini dreams sometimes during meditation?

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    Don't worry if you start daydreaming during your meditation sessions, Kate. When you notice its happening, just bring the mind back to the meditation object again.

    Which meditation method are you using ?

    There's is a beginners meditation instruction video with Ajahn Jayasaro pinned in our Buddhist Meditation forum which might be helpful. It's the first of a series on YouTube and each one only lasts about 5 minutes or so.

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    Hi Moonwolfnz

    Many people think in a visual way, so they often see things with their eyes closed, it is I believe a form of mind wandering often.

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