Thread: Meaningful Myth and Buddhist Cosmology

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    Meaningful Myth and Buddhist Cosmology

    This is a talk which was given by Ajahn Amaro at Amaravati Monastery UK.

    Gods, demons & kind spirits ,meaningful myth and Buddhist Cosmology

    He says that Buddhist cosmology can be seen as actual realms of existence, or as symbolic of different mental states.

    He also said towards the end of the talk, that the Forest ajahns would talk about rebirth in terms of psychological states.

    Well worth a listen!

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    Listening to this again today, because I find it so absorbing!

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    Here's a very interesting article on the same subject, by Ajahn Punnadhammo:

    The View from Mount Meru

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    I like the View article when it says, "In the end, Buddhist scholars decided that the details of the cosmol­ogy were not essential to the core teachings of suffering and the end of suffering." How much better than a protracted rear-guard action such as the one played out, and still being played out, in Christianity. Recognise stories for what they are, stories which inspired generation after generation of Buddhists, and well worth a look at to get a better understanding when studying any texts arising from that time. I used to teach creation myths from different cultures, and I still re-read some of them from time to time. Like any inspiring work of art, they don't have to tell an absolute 'truth' to be of value.

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