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Thread: Moment to Moment Dependent Origination

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    Quote Originally Posted by Changing
    Bhikkhu Buddhadasa himself points out the groundrules for accepting or rejecting good or false teaching then he makes clear wrong statements which by his logic makes his polemic wrong to that extent.

    It would be helpful if you could quote from the text and then explain the point that you're trying to make, thanks.

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    It was wrong to engage in this discussion irrespective of whether the contribution is correct or not. A defilement arose and I reacted. Having realised this the best is to return to mindfulness. With Metta, Be happy.

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    Does anyone have any further comments to make in connection with this topic about Dependent Origination ?

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    I came across this article by Gil Fronsdal, (who is a teacher at the USA Insight Meditation Centre) and thought it was helpful:

    "Awakening to Dependent Origination"



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