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    Robot giving Buddhist talks

    I came across this article today:

    Bodhisattva robot in Japan delivers Buddhist sermons

    By Haleigh Atwood

    Designed to explain Buddhist teachings in an easy-to-understand way, creators hope the robot will boost temple visitor numbers.

    Continues at the link:

    Any comments in connection with the article ?

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    The article says the robot gave the talk to an audience of monks and the media. I am sure neither of these groups will benefit from having Buddhism dumbed down so that the general public will be able to understand the teachings. And, I don't really think it will make people go to temples unless they want to go to temples. Just my two cents.

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    Buddhism doesn't have to resort to this kind of gimmick.

    A man-made Android is the opposite of a master of bodhisattva compassion.

    We get the message across with video recordings of teachers speaking. What's wrong with that?

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