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Thread: MN13: Mahadukkhakkhandha Sutta

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    Hi Aloka,

    I have listened to the talk and it confirms what I understood. The jhanas are experiences of the greatest gratification but they have a danger; they are impermanent and subject to suffering. So my question is the same: Why are jhanas so important in the nikayas?

    Trying to understand your definitions. Do you mean why is it important to go through the stages of Jhana practice, if the experiences are transitory? I can't see how an experience can be subject to suffering, but if you mean attachment to the experiences, then I guess that can also be a cause of suffering. You could, perhaps, become a 'bliss bunny' and get sidetracked from the main purpose of meditation, which is to bring about change. The blissful states I have gone through are really more of a side effect than a goal, so not something to try for as such.

    Maybe it's useful to recognise these things as interesting signposts along the way rather than as goals to be achieved. It would make them necessary as something to have gone through rather than necessary achievements. A bit like the pain you feel during and after exercise. The pain isn't the goal but the right pain is an indication that the exercise was useful to the development of those particular muscles you were working on at the time.

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    Thanks philg for your comments!

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