Thread: Pure Bred ?

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    Pure Bred ?

    Just scanned an artical about pure bred dogs.

    Had to laugh, because there is really no such animal, nor would it be good for the creature to be so from a survival perspective. Genetic diversity increases the ods of survival from generation to generation.

    All of our doggy companions have been muts. Our current visitor's mother was an Australian Kelpie and has a hind end like a Whippet. She Runs like the wind!
    To me she looks like a Dingo.

    She is certainly genetically diverse.

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    Dogs that are not bred for a certain look, and/or behavioral modifications typically do not have hybrid vigor. Self described seem to live healthier lives, with longer life spans. I have to agree with Olderon, mutts have just as much love to give as any purebreds.

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