Thread: Depression and Zen

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    Depression and Zen


    Soto Zen teacher Brad Warner talks about depression and his practice of Zazen (11 minutes)

    Any thoughts about what he said in the video about Zen practice?

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    While Brad Warner only talks about how he’s not a psychiatrist or therapist, he has a very good grasp of mental illness...specifically depression. His talking about using Zen to interrupt the cycle of depression is very well thought out. Buddhism as a whole has helped me overcome some of my depression. Still working on it. As Brad says” Thoughts are just thoughts”

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    I think we all have times when we are at some point on a sliding scale of depression, and, from personal experience, the kind of depression Brad talks about can be eased by the kind of practice he talks about. Maybe not immediately, but in the long term. I don't know about clinical depression, where people would not be able to engage in any activity at all, much less meditation.

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