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Thread: Is individual awakening crucial to reach social transformation?

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    Is individual awakening crucial to reach social transformation?

    I came across this short video (just over 3 minutes) of David Loy from a few years ago - and I wondered if anyone had any thought about it.

    Please can you listen to what he says in the video before responding to the question! Many thanks.

    (David Loy is an author and Zen teacher in the USA)

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    It leads to the interesting question of whether individual transformation can ever bring about social transformation for the better here in the West. If one group of thugs is merely, albeit democratically, replaced by another set of thugs, what place is there for individual transformation to make a difference?

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    David speak about changing Buddhism to fit the west, but this does not make any sense, because it is not about changing the teaching, it is about how person can change to fit the teaching, and not how humans can change the teaching to for the humans.
    Buddha gave teaching that is good in the beginning, good in the middle and good in the end, (there is nothing to change in Buddhas teaching)

    Individual enlightenment can only occure when the person is changing according to the teaching. changing the teaching does not lead to enlightenment.

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