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Thread: Two Questions

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    Two Questions

    Dear friends,

    !. Which Buddhist tradition did you choose to study and practice ...and why?

    2. Have you ever had any doubts about your choice?

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    When I started, nearly 40 years ago, I think the closest fit for me probably would have been Zen. But there wasn't a Zen group there. There was a Tibetan group, so that is where I went, and have mostly stayed. That group was Gelugpa, but most of my experience since then has been in the Karma Kagyu tradition.

    Having said which, I don't really consider myself an adherent of any of those traditions. I consider myself a non-denominational Mahayanist.

    Any doubts about my choice of tradition have, if anything, decreased. The more experience I get, the more convinced I am that all the Buddhist teachings lead to the same place. I don't believe that there is any real contradiction among them. Apparent contradictions are, I believe, the result if misunderstandings.

    It is more important to pick one and stick with it than it is to pick the "right" one. The right one is whichever one you can stick with.

    Om mani padme hum

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    I have chosen the Theravada tradition, mainly the Thai Forest Tradition because it is the closest to what the Buddha taught, and no , I haven´t had any doubts about my choice.

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    1. I didn't choose any to study or practice. My 'in' to Buddhism was only after years of experimenting with meditation practices as a way of changing how I perceived the world. To my great surprise they also brought about changes in me. Buddhism offered answers to questions I didn't know I had, but there were answers in every tradition, so why stick with one?

    2. I've never regretted my approach to investigating the key elements of Buddhism by bringing them into my practice, wherever they arose.

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    Dividing the past 37 years, the first 20 was with a Korean Chogye tradition of what Ven. Seo Kyung-Bo considered “Zen”. After that I transitioned to Theravāda to approach Nikāyan Buddhism. All of this is normal for those of us in the missionary outback of Buddhism in the “West” – whatever that is. Since leaving Zen I consider the Buddha as ācariya and find his guidance through the original teachings of the Pitāka Nikāyas.

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