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Thread: Can we forgive the unforgivable?

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    "The Arahat said he could not forgive the man standing before him because he is not the same man that harmed him."

    My interpretation Arahat = "Self liberated"

    Liberated from what? From delusions of ignorance, based upon seeing dependently arisen phenomenon as inherently existing and permanent.

    The Arahat sees impermenance perfectly and thus can say from this higher view that previous angry man is gone and has turned his mind towards cherishing the Arahat by seeking forgiveness his heart/mind is in a state of renunciation from his anger and has been liberated of it (at least towards the Arahat).

    So Arahat knows better than to hold onto a projection of the angry man from yesterday as he is not there today.
    Since the anger the man had was dependently arisen on the false perceptions mistaken view in this example was he though Arahat was a thief and not a liberated Arahat.

    The Arahat can understand and offer a truth teaching to the man but it not possible to forgive an illusion. In fact it as Arahat his mind was never disturbed so no harm ever took place to forgive ultimately. But out of compassion for the man who suffers in attachment to his wealth and hatred for giving he spins the wheel of dharma and gives him and us this beautiful teaching. That transcends space and time and continues to benifit us all who hear it today.
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    Yes it is possible to forgive everything.

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