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Thread: Is Buddhism Pessimistic?

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    Is Buddhism Pessimistic?

    Dear friends,

    I was looking at this article from a number of years ago. What's your opinion? Do you think that Buddhism is pessimistic?

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    'Realistic' is a good term to use for Buddhism, but 'optimistic' would be much better. Most systems hand over control to other beings that you have to appease by behaving in certain ways. Buddhism hands us back control. We are the ones who can find out for ourselves, who go through meditation practices and who follow the path. We are the ones who change ourselves and so go on to have, at least for me, a much better quality of existence. Importantly, one that is attainable by everyone, not just a chosen few. When you see things as they really are for yourself you start living as human beings were meant to live, as individuals who are free from being told what it is they see. Now that's what I call optimistic, and why early Buddhists were known as 'the happy people'.

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    If I go to a doctor complaining of a sore throat and the doctor says, "The bad news is that you have strep throat. The good news is that it is curable," I would take that as optimistic. Buddhism is giving us essentially the same message: we have a problem that is causing us suffering, but it is curable.

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