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    A Protest in London

    Thousands march on Whitehall to call for end to 'war on wildlife'

    Thousands of people marched to Whitehall on Saturday to demand the government invests in wildlife-friendly policies and swiftly reverses the decline of British ecosystems.

    Protesters including Billy Bragg delivered a radical manifesto, co-edited by the broadcaster Chris Packham, to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The manifesto called for an end to the “war on wildlife” following the decline of more than half of British species in recent decades.

    The manifesto made a series of recommendations, including twinning primary schools with farms to help children understand how food is produced, banning driven grouse shooting, making it illegal to dredge for scallops and stopping Scottish seal culling.

    “It’s time to wake up,” said Packham. “We are presiding over an ecological apocalypse and precipitating a mass extinction in our own backyard. But – vitally – it is not too late. There is hope we can hold to, and there is action we can take.”

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    Any thoughts ?

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    If these issues concern you ( and they should ) get involved. Join those people who are trying to save their environment. Non- violent protests are the one of the most effective ways to get your point across. Try writing to your representative. Remember who votes against environmental issues and vote against them in your next election. These are not just British problems... they are issues that need to be met on a world wide stage. We have our own problems with these issues in the U.S. Political considerations are driving our environmental protections. The government wants to open up hunting for endangered species. It’s not about whether something is a good or bad idea, it’s about who has the best lobbyists.

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