Thread: The Many Faces of Non-Duality

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    The Many Faces of Non-Duality

    A Barre Centre for Buddhist Studies Insight Journal interview with professor, writer, and Zen teacher David Loy.

    The Many Faces of Non-Duality

    Insight Journal: Nonduality is one of my favorite topics, and there are so many different ways of looking at it. I really loved your book on the subject: Awareness Bound and Unbound. Can you explain to me if there is a difference between nonduality, non-self, or emptiness? There are so many different terms in the Buddhist tradition that seem to me to be the same thing, but I wanted to find out your perspective on the differences.

    David Loy: Actually, nonduality was more the focus of my first book, titled — appropriately — Nonduality! That book discusses nonself and emptiness, but in fact the concept of nonduality is much broader than that. It literally means “not two,” that two things we have understood as separate from one another are in fact not separate at all. They are so dependent upon each other that they are, in effect, two different sides of the same coin. But that can describe a lot of things. So whenever we read the word “nonduality,” we should ask “okay, what’s the context? What duality is being denied?”

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    Any comments about the whole interview?

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    Wow, David Loy touches on many different issues happening now. From non-dualities to our connection with the planet, with good verses evil, and how we all can misinterpret differently. Definitely worth studying

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