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    Accessing profile information ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aloka View Post
    You said at registration that your prefered Buddhist tradition is Theravada, by the way
    Where do I access above mentioned information about me/others, on this forum ?

    The reason I ask, is that I honestly have forgotten what I wrote, when filling out the registration-form, and as far as I can find, it's not accessible in editing of my own profile.

    On another note, I was not aware that it would be "used" in debates/discussions on the forums. I must have misunderstood the purpose of the form, as I expected information was given in confidentiality to the site-owner/-admin.

    I had a look at the registration page/form, and much (if not all) is information that changes over time, and needs updating from time to time. Example, at some point many would change "Are you familiar with the Buddha's core teachings" from "not yet" to "yes". Or one stops/starts to attend a buddhist centre, or change what centre one attends. Or one changes "preferred lineage".

    If I had to fill out the form now, none of the options in "Which Buddhist tradition do you prefer" would be an honest answer. In other words I would not be able to fill out the form today, without violating my training precepts; besides it has changed several times while walking my path.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Doshin View Post
    Where do I access above mentioned information about me/others, on this forum ?
    The simple reply is that answers to the registration questions are not part of members' profiles.

    Members profiles are visible to all registered members, and it is up to each person to include as much or as little information as they choose.

    The registration questions provide a snapshot of the applying member, at the time of registration.

    Once somebody is a member and has posted an introduction or made some other posts, we all get to know that person far better than referring to a few simple questions with a limited range of answers.

    In the case of the comment made by Aloka to a new member, the question related to a story from a Mahayana tradition. So the preferred tradition of the questioner was a relevant consideration. The registration information was not more than a month old and the member was new to us.

    Registration data is not subject to any rule of confidentiality, though it is quite rare to see a public mention of it.


    Just for clarification, the comments I made were intended to be helpful, certainly not obstructive, and continued as follows:

    it therefore might be a good idea to have a look at this pinned resource "An Outline of Buddhism" at the beginning of the topic list. (for the beginners forum)

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