Thread: If we are all one then why the rush to reunify?

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    If we are all one then why the rush to reunify?

    After having the experience of Satori for myself, I can't shift the thought of why I should try to get back to the point of oneness.

    By reaching that point I will have completed the game I was playing with myself of pretending to be separate, then the game with start again. If I rush to reunify myself with the source of all things then I will ultimately end up back here lost in the game.

    If I choose not to reunify and use my knowledge to treat this life for the illusion that it is and just enjoy it as a holiday away from reality then does it really matter?

    My question is, does it really matter if I indulge in every pleasure it has to offer? If so, why? This is, after all my creation.

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    If we are all one...
    Hi NeoOne,

    The historical Buddha didn't teach that "we are all one".

    This article "We Are Not One" by Ven Thanissaro Bhikkhu might be helpful :

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