Thread: Will you be celebrating Christmas?

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    Will you be celebrating Christmas?

    Dear friends,

    It's the "festive season" again later this month, will you be celebrating Christmas?

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    We accept social invitations at this (or any) season, and we sometimes invite people ourselves. But, no, we don't celebrate Christmas. Neither the religious nor the commercial aspect of it appeals to us.

    Om mani padme hum

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    Celebrating Christmas no. Getting together with family yes.

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    Yes of course I will. The family aren't Buddhists so it would be unfair of me to not join in. Luckily none of them are church goers now, so it's more of a get together in a Christmas setting, with decorations and so on. Mind you, life is so much easier for me now that I've retired from teaching and no longer have to rehearse the nativity with my class, no longer have to go to the local church with them for a service, and no longer have to sit through the final carol service. My children are also grown up so I don't have to do the same thing with them. Some years I had three separate sets of Christmas celebrations to attend and take part in.

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