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Thread: Is Enlightenment Delusional?

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    All I know is that I'm trying to follow the 8fold path in order to reduce suffering. Enlightenment? Who knows? Not me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polar Bear View Post
    I enjoyed watching the video but I question whether awakening really consists in knowledge arising from some experience of a “deeper” reality. My current thinking is that any experience in meditation is of purely instrumental value insofar as it leads to the subsidence of greed, hate, and delusion (delusion being ignorance of the 4 noble truths and being under the influence of the 4 vipallasas). Of course, I haven’t had any experiences in meditation akin to what Brad was talking about so to that extent my current thinking is uninformed.
    No. There is no new knowledge, but an experience giving you the chance to see the same things in a different way. The experience is beyond conscious thought, so there is no possibility of gaining new facts about the world. It is only when conscious experience returns that the brain tries to make sense of what happened, and to 'fill in the blanks' with suggestions as to what it might mean.

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