Thread: Right speech builds a responsible world

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    Right speech builds a responsible world

    A blog post from Ajahn Sucitto about right speech in the modern world:

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    Here's an excerpt from the beginning :

    Have you noticed what has happened to speech? And the written word? The instant soundbite, the tabloid headline, the advertising slogan, the attention-grabbing phrase beloved of demagogues, and the cloudy waffle of the political speech are all now moving or even forming the human world.

    Any thoughts about what he observes and advises in the whole article?

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    Ajahn Sucitto is giving us all some good advice here.

    Amongst the tsunami of written and spoken words that we experience every day, it's all too easy to react and to respond automatically.

    When we do speak, Ajahn Sucitto urges us to consider Right Speech. This means putting our focus on what we are going to say: how and what to say.

    Then to consider who we are speaking to, and to consider whether the person is ready to listen, or capable of receiving what you will say.

    And to express our self in the clearest way to be understood by the listener.

    In the end, if this is well done, good communication helps foster co-operation and it's a step in building a better world.

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