Thread: How Can We Let Go of Anger?

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    How Can We Let Go of Anger?


    Ven. Thich Nhat Hahn talks about letting go of anger for just over 12 minutes.

    Any comments about what he said?

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    I think its good advice. Both coming back to the breath and understanding that those who do harmful things are under the influence of wrong perceptions. Particularly though, coming back to basic practices like taking a breath mindfully is I think very powerful and a great habit to develop. In the Pali suttas, the antidote to the hindrance of ill-will is metta, but for me, I cannot just jump right into metta when I'm angry, so mindful breathing and a quick reflection on conditionality helps with initial calming and priming of the mind for the development of metta. Thanks for posting.

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    Most of my difficulty dealing with attachment to anger in the past had to do with reciprocity, or getting even. In the Italian culture it is referred to as "La Vendetta".

    After years of study and meditation I came to understand that this proclivity for getting even had to do with the delusion of self. Once I learned and came to appreciate the fact that I was but an ever changing process, it occurred to me that the self, which I imagined to somehow be injured in some way no longer existed, and that the perpetrator of the supposed insult / assault to myself also no longer existed. Therefore, what was the point of getting even. I would always be perpetrating a futile attempt to get even with someone, who no longer exists, and be doing it on behalf of one who also no longer exists.

    So, no point in not letting go of anger. Just surrendering to the realization of the reality of the delusion of self makes a great deal of sense and is far less stressful than plotting and planning to get even.

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