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Thread: Knowledge and Wisdom

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    Knowledge and Wisdom

    "Knowledge and Wisdom: What's the Deal?" Secular Buddhist Doug Smith talks about them for approx. 9 minutes.

    .Any comments about the video?

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    I though the video spoke to a concern I have been working with for sometime, I can not understand why the Americans have such an attachment to the 2nd amendment, why they voted for Trump, why the UK voted for Brexit, these are things that rationally are demonstrably damaging to their societies.

    As the video points out Knowledge is not enough, I think this is pointing to the sankara's, conditioned phenomena, concocted reality, the psychological automatic pilot that means,when we do not examine our reality, we react automatically to the conditions we are presented with in an automatic way that worked for us in the past.

    This is not a rational reaction, it is largely an emotional reaction, based on cultural norms, tribal responses, or "gut feeling".

    This is a well known phenomena, exploited by media for all kinds of purposes, from selling soap powder to going to war.

    There is no rationality involved, what happens is, as the video points out, we use our rationality to justify our deeply held biases, we use knowledge to justify the often unjustifiable.

    The path of Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom can expose our deeply held beliefs, we can re-evaluate the beliefs and tend toward non-harming and by doing so reset the sankara's toward a kinder more compassionate world.

    Change starts with you ?

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    This is an except from a talk which was given by Ajahn Chah, called "The Two Faces of Reality".

    As wisdom matures and we begin to understand in accordance with the truth, we will no longer be dragged up and down. Usually, if we have a pleasant mood, we behave one way; and if we have an unpleasant mood, we are another way. We like something and we are up; we dislike something and we are down. In this way we are still in conflict with enemies. When these things no longer oppose us, they become stabilized and balance out. There are no longer ups and downs or highs and lows. We understand these things of the world and know that that's just the way it is. It's just ''worldly dhamma''.

    ''Worldly dhamma'' changes to become the ''path''. ''Worldly dhamma'' has eight ways; the ''path'' has eight ways. Wherever ''worldly dhamma'' exists, the ''path'' is to be found also. When we live with clarity, all of our worldly experience becomes the practicing of the ''eightfold path''. Without clarity, ''worldly dhamma'' predominates and we are turned away from the ''path''. When right understanding arises, liberation from suffering lies right here before us. You will not find liberation by running around looking elsewhere!

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    "Ignorance is the root cause of all suffering"....Buddha... from his teachings regarding Dependent Origination / Co-Arising

    Knowledge is simply storing information.

    Wisdom is knowing how and when to apply methods and processes applicable to any given circumstances or problems.

    Doug Smith seems to ramble on with various examples, but essentially covers the same points.

    Thanks for the post, Aloka.

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