Thread: Did the Buddha really have a family ?

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    Did the Buddha really have a family ?

    I came across this recent article:

    Did the Buddha Really Have a Wife and Son?

    Reconsidering the familiar tale we know about the Buddha’s family

    By Matthew Gindin

    Any thoughts?

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    Hi Aloka

    Very interesting article, for me it is part of the western lead search for the early Buddha in the pali canon, the influence of prevailing culture when the canon was written down after hundreds of years of oral tradition.

    Even within suttas many people claim that there have been text inserted that can be identified as additional and later editing.

    The story of abandonment of the Buddhas family seemed incongruent with the Sila and the core value of ahimsa do no harm, it makes more sense as a cultural addition to fulfil expectations of a society, similar to the idea of the virgin birth in christianity

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    There are at least a few suttas where Buddha is cited in direct contact with family members:

    MN 61 PTS: M i 414
    Ambalatthika-rahulovada Sutta: Instructions to Rahula at Mango Stone : where Buddha gives advice to his son:

    Ananda, Buddha's Cousin:

    Inspiration by Enlightened Nuns: Buddha's Aunt:

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