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Thread: Do you celebrate Christmas?

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    breathing in... breathing out...
    Wife & kids celebrate so I have to and I occasionally see an odd family member. I'm useless at sending Christmas cards, so I manage to cause much disgusted offense on that front. On the other hand, I don't care if I get any so...

    Veggie nut roast coming my way but I dislike the seasonal 'binge'. Still, the low watermark has to be the maudlin, meaningless and empty new year's eve celebrations afterwards.

    Bah Humbug!

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    Current wife, her family, and my children all celebrate Christmas. Have made it clear to all family members that my practice does not include exchange of gifts. I send checks to my grandchildren, children, daughters, and sons-in-law for Christmas and birthdays. Some of my wife's family members donate gifts in my name to charities, which they support around Christmas time, and on my birthday.

    To accommodate my wife's preferences I take on the responsibility of erecting and decorating our home with Christmas decorations, install and repair lighting, and etc.

    My experience has been that Christmas celebration, especially the exchange of gifts adds to stress and dukkha in general as it is difficult for me to please others with gifts, which I have personally selected. So, my approach with my children, when they were younger was to take them to a toy store and let them choose any gift they wanted, which would be their Christmas gift from their father. When my grandchildren were younger, I continued that tradition with them as well. Now that they are all of college age, I simply send them money for books and other items, which I leave up to them to for their purpose, so long as it is legal and moral.

    Merry Christmas to everyone and a very Happy January Puja. _/\_Ron

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    My wife’s family celebrates Christmas, so somehow we all end up there. Yes we buy the children gifts though there is a no gift giving rule for adults.

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    Yes! Not for the religious aspects, but the cultural ones. Living in the English countryside, everyone I know is either protestant, catholic or follows no religion. I enjoy giving gifts because especially for those who don't follow Buddhism, it's something that's expected and very important. It would be really odd for me to not celebrate, and all the happiness that comes with Christmas is really liberating :) My father is also a vegetarian, so the food isn't a huge issue for me

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