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One's emotions, imagination and mental hallucinations can be very powerful when one is convinced one can see or feel something unusual or special .

People with religious beliefs of all descriptions claim to have "visions", talk to angels, deities, or even fairies, or get transported to heaven to get special messages from a supreme deity (or the future Buddha)and so on....

.....and I 've mentioned this before somewhere, but even my late Tibetan teacher said that "people can make things up" as far as thinking they're experiencing past life regression is concerned.

It's actually another good example of where the lines start to blur between subjective and objective. In those scenarios 'real' starts to lose its meaning in terms of experience, and that's what we're up against.

I'd say your Tibetan teacher is right to urge caution though, I maintain a healthy scepticism towards most if not all of the accounts I hear, (including my own as I mentioned previously). I can only imagine the genuine article is extremely rare, and it's unlikely those who are sufficiently adept, would come talking about it in these venues.

I'm aware of the irony.