This is from the chapter "Evenness of Mind" in Ajahn Sucitto's book "Parami - ways to cross life's floods".

Evenness of Mind:

Upekkhā Pāramī

As we arrive at the last of the pāramī, we’re looking for the highest,the best, the tops. So it could seem like a disappointment to find that as far as perfections go, as far as actions and intentions go,the top is equanimity, evenness of mind — where the mind refrains from delight and sorrow, ups and downs. This may not sound all-transcending, but as a practice it’s deep, attentive and full.

And if you consider it in the light of what the mind normally does, and how it’s motivated to get to the pleasant and the exciting, and to get away from pain, blame and loss — then you’ll probably acknowledge that to establish equanimity takes some doing.

But is it any good? What good does being equanimous do? Well,previously we were looking at kindness and compassion, and these are the first two of the four brahmavihāra, or divine abodes, which are those lofty, abundant and uncramped states in which one includes others as oneself. The third is appreciative joy, the intention to appreciate the good fortune and happiness of others.

But the most profound of the brahmavihāra is equanimity. In this context, it’s an even-minded acceptance of oneself and others.

With equanimity I can tune into where you’re at, up or down, and that doesn’t change my empathy with you. Further, it comes with the understanding that whatever you’re going through right now will change, and I trust your capacity to pass through this phase.

In that sense it’s an immense offering of respect, and also of perspective on wherever we find ourselves in the present. With equanimity we can allow ourselves and others to grow past all views and perspectives — to the point where we might wisely realize that everything that manifests as ourselves or others is a passing show. And if we don’t mess with it, doubt, take sides, blame or get stuck in ourselves, we have access to an openness that can’t be put into an opinion. That’s quite a realization, and quite an asset.

With equanimity, there is no panic, defence, claiming,rejecting, blaming, worrying, doubting or treasuring; it’s a state which allows all that to empty out. So it’s the tops. It’s something one could justifiably get a little excited about.

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