Thread: Why I Don't Dig Buddhism - article

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    Why I Don't Dig Buddhism - article

    Here's an oldie, but a goodie (or not)!

    Thoughts on this one?

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    I've skimmed this article (dated 2011) briefly, as its very early here and I've only just got out of bed. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but apart from a mention of Stephen Batchelor (who practiced Vajrayana and then Zen before becoming a Secular Buddhist) the author's view of "Buddhism" seemed to be mostly focused on Vajrayana and Zen. No mention of any of the other Mahayana schools, or of Theravada, or the texts of early Buddhism.

    ...and "the Buddhist Scholar Robert Thurman" refered to by the author, is a very orthodox Tibetan Buddhist, so is hardly a spokesperson for the whole of what we now call "Buddhism" .

    However, this made me smile:

    The doctrines of karma and reincarnation imply the existence of some sort of cosmic moral judge who, like Santa Claus, tallies up our naughtiness and niceness before rewarding us with nirvana or rebirth as a cockroach
    and this:

    But given the repulsive behavior over the past few decades of so many gurus—including Chogyam Trungpa, who was an alcoholic womanizer and bully—you could conclude that mystical knowledge leads to pathological narcissism rather than selflessness.

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    Interesting although I think the author is throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

    - I think he doesn't need to take a legend that seriously. Every religion I've found falls down in a heap if you take its scriptures literally.

    - I can believe not all forms of meditation work for all.

    - And he says "One of Buddhism's biggest selling points for lapsed Catholics like me is that it supposedly dispenses with God and other supernatural claptrap". He admits this is traditional Buddhism. Well just drop the traditional and focus on the secular.

    I do not see any or all of these as reasons to discard Buddhism. There is so much more on offer.

    I concluded that this guy in truth doesn't want an answer. But great he raises questions.

    Thanks Lise

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