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Thread: On Reincarnation

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    Woodscooter: "It is an attractive alternative to the idea that after death the individual ceases to exist. It offers the prospect of a link to eternity. "
    What is ironic about such belief systems is that reality as currently understood by modern science is much more understandable and more beautiful:

    Dr. Carl Sagan: "We are all made of star stuff."

    Our constituents, remnants manufactured within the stars by heat, pressure, radiation, fusion, which processes themselves born and formed from celestial gasses / molecules arising from the dawn of creation (The Big Bang, or Big Slap) which expanded and still expanding, formed / condensed themselves from previously arisen stars, which collapsed over billions of years at the ends of their lives, exploded in what science calls super-novas, which seeded the universe with all the elements needed for our creation.

    Again over billions of years these building blocks of life, become the processes, and forces of life, arise to cause the elements, molecules, and compounds to react with each other to form the macro-molecules of life, which form at first simply, then complexly, then ever more complexly to reform, born and reborn, aging, decomposing, used, reused, consumed and consuming, using and reusing over billions of years ever to arise, and endlessly evolve, as "The Universe become aware of itself."...later aware, conscious, studying and coming to understand the self and not-self nature: Life: living, sentient, sapient, ubiquitous, occupiers and creators of worlds.

    What could be more profound? No need for fairytales and children's stories ... any longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aloka View Post
    Since there isn't any actual proof of rebirth, how can it be a motivationally important agument? The idea of "another chance" could also de- motivate people who are lazy about practice from making an effort in this lifetime, thinking "Oh I'll try harder in my next life" or something like that.
    If any of the major existing doctrines about rebirth or reincarnation would state that one is reborn each time around with a clean slate, you'd have a point.

    Whereas if one believes that there is only this lifetime, it can be a more sustained effort.
    Just the opposite.

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    Thanks very much for the input, everyone. This thread has now been closed because of a more recent rebirth topic in our Independent Buddhists forum.

    (New members please note that belief in literal rebirth/reincarnation is not a compulsory requirement on this website.)

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