Thread: The "If Only" Mind

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    The "If Only" Mind

    Tara Brach, a Buddhist teacher at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington USA, talks for approximately 3 minutes about the "If only" mind (2011)

    Any comments or personal reflections ?

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    Yes, I am very familiar with this mindset. I tend to struggle with this quite more than I would like to. If only more of this,
    If only more of that. It is all stuff we need to let go of...

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    And this is why Buddhism is such a breath of fresh air - no more "if only's!" The four Noble Truths put it straight out there for us, suffering and the way out of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcsfa1 View Post
    - no more "if only's!"
    Well, not quite the case for me. While struggling with my ancient lawn-mower at the weekend I caught myself thinking "If only I had a better one, this would be a lot easier!".

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    Wow, those lawn mowers can really get me agitated.

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    If only I could stop myself from saying "if only" all the time... :)

    This is a really hard one for me. I know that I have a tendency to run fast and furious to projected outcomes. And usually the worst possible ones. I have had, for example, a few medical issues this year. And, I catch myself time and time playing out these horrible deaths in my mind, when intellectually I know that none of that is a foregone conclusion, and really represent the combination of every worst scenario so very unlikely.

    So, while I know that I'm doing these "if only" thoughts, is just catching them the way to get the mind to stop doing them? And, when I catch them, what do I "do?" I find myself saying "stop" or "Shh" but after a few cycles, I see that my "stop" is more of the mental equivalent of "STOP!!!!" And that doesn't seem healthy either.



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