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    Know Yourself-Know Others

    This is from part 3 of "A Still Forest Pool" by Ajahn Chah.

    Know Yourself-Know Others

    Know your own mind and body, and you will know others' as well. One's facial expressions, speech, gestures, actions, all stem from one's state of mind. A Buddha, an enlightened being, can read these because he has experienced and seen with wisdom the states of mind that underlie them, just as wise older people, having passed through childhood, can understand the ways of children.

    This self-knowledge differs from memory. An old person can be clear inside but fuzzy in regard to external things. Book learning may be very difficult for him, he forgets names and faces, and so on. Maybe he knows very well that he wants a basin, but because of the weakness of his memory, he may ask for a glass instead.

    If you see states rising and falling in the mind and do not cling to the process, letting go of both happiness and suffering, mental rebirths become shorter and shorter. Letting go, you can even fall into hell states without too much disturbance, because you know the impermanence of them.

    Through right practice, you allow your old karma to wear itself out. Knowing how things arise and pass away, you can just be aware and let them run their course. It is like having two trees: if you fertilize and water one and do not take care of the other, there is no question which one will grow and which one will die. Our Practice

    Any thoughts?

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    Thank-you so very kindly for posting. Not wise enough to comment meaningfully, but would like to know where you find all of your encouraging words and lively, relative articles? You are appreciated.

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    Thank you for your kind words. I often get resources connected to Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho, and Ajahn Amaro from this website:

    Or the words of the historical Buddha in the Pali Canon suttas from this website:

    I also usually leave a URL link to the source of the text, underneath any quotes I make in my posts.

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