Buddhism Without Boundaries is now using the https:// protocol. Most websites use https nowadays. It's a secure protocol, encrypting all transactions between the website and your browser. What you send us and what we send you cannot be intercepted and read by anyone else.

As our posts are publicly view-able, there's not much need for secrecy in our case. For a forum such as this, https would be of most use in protecting a password, when logging in. In our case, passwords always were encrypted before being sent from your browser through the internet. Your security always has been guarded by our software.

In summary, the main difference you will notice is the little 'padlock' image in the web address line on your browser. And if your browser had been warning you 'this is not a secure site', those warnings should have stopped by now.

You probably will not notice anything different -but if you do come across something that doesn't seem right, please start a new topic about it in the "Technical Help" forum