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I think for a self-view to reborn it also needs to be pinpointed as the same self-view that previously disappeared meaning there is a core that keeps from before cessation to after new arising and it doesn't make sense that something that has completely ceased keeps on going to something new and it goes against the teaching of voidness.
Keep in mind the "rebirth" teachings in the suttas are classified as "mundane" - MN 117

So imagine a person does bad karma, such as gets angry at a client in their job. This is the arising of two self-views, namely: (i) me; and (ii) client.

Then the person is fired/dismissed from their job and they regret their past action. This regret & suffering is "rebirth" in hell. This rebirth in hell includes two self-views, namely: (i) the old self-view that got angry at the client; and (ii) the new self-view that is suffering.

In summary, due to the regret, remorse & suffering, the old self-view from the past keeps re-emerging.