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Thread: What first interested you most about Buddhism?

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    Bumping up topic

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    Hi, Aloka.

    Thanks for the question.

    Having a mind which was constantly as active as a bee-hive the attraction for me was the hope of mental solitude (stillness), then hopefully progressing to the state of mental equanimity. Haven't turned back since. _/\_Ron.

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    I was vaguely aware of Buddhism from a fairly early age, growing up on a working-class council estate (public housing / 'the projects') in Central London you tended by default to have at least some exposure to the goings on of just about every creed, race, denomination - not necessarily in any great depth, often just a general visual awareness of turbans, kufi, and kippahs etc as well as the smells, sounds and colours emanating from all manner of places of worship.

    But my first moment of profundity was my old (and still exemplary) Boss at the homeless charity I was working for. He was a working class white bloke like myself and he just radiated equanimity purpose and compassion. I was fascinated that he could assert these qualities in a world that often seemed hell-bent in going in the other direction.

    One day I quizzed him on his 'beliefs' and he told me the story /koan of the lost car keys which when I think back on it really was the start of my own journey along the path. I think it's pretty well known but just in case.

    One dark night a man came out of his house and saw a stranger bent down beneath a street light searching for something.
    - "What's up?" the man asked
    - "I've lost my car keys" the man replied
    The second man bent down to help him look and together the searched and searched the entire area beneath the light, alas to no avail.
    Finally the man asked the stranger: "Do you remember whereabouts you were when you dropped them?"
    - "Over there" the stranger said pointing way over into the darkness.
    - "Oh", said the man "then why are we looking over here?"
    - "Well obviously it's so dark over there I can't see anything."

    And that was the point - I like so many others believed that it made complete sense to search for answers only in the area I could see, despite knowing full well that no amount of searching would uncover that which I was looking for.

    Of course it would be narratively fitting that at that moment I attained enlightenment but obviously it then took me at least another decade of fruitless searching by the glow of the street light to finally understand.

    So here I am now methodically combing the darkness for my keys so to speak - but at the very least I'm out here looking and who knows? Perhaps one day.

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