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Thread: Climate Change

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    Thanks for the article, Aloka.

    The Global Warming skeptics, my brother-in-law a piezo-electric physicist being one of them, don't disagree that the global climate is warming, just that it has not been shown conclusively that anthropogenic causes have turned the tide for the worse. You can see where they are coming from, when it is well documented that forest fires are dumping billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere as of recent experience in the western hemisphere. Then there is methane clathrate, which is bubbling up from the oceanic deep adding billions of tons of methane into the atmosphere, which has gone pretty much unnoticed until recently discovered.

    Then there is the chicken and the egg thing, where northern tundra is producing methane as a result of the permafrost melting. As these "natural" sources of global warming gases increase, including sub-oceanic volcanic sources around the world, and the sun continues to warm, the skeptics have even more reason to ….be skeptical.

    It is mankind that cuts down trees by the megatons to build their homes and to make baseball bats, and furniture. It is coal and oil that was buried billions of years ago mined and pumped up by mankind to burn as fuel to drive human engines and generate their electricity. It is mankind that breeds cattle, sheep, goats, and other ruminants which flatulence yields tons of methane and CO2. As mankind breeds all of his needs multiply and continue. We can no longer say that at least we have made a contribution to global warming.

    Change to cleaner sources of energy are possible as have been demonstrated around the world. Choking on its own coal combustion decomposition products China has doubled its capacity of clean energy production between solar, wind, and hydro-electric in the last decade. The U.S. has dramatically reduced automotive emissions with the use of catalytic converters, hybridized vehicle production, and incentivizing solar energy for homes, industrial applications, and municipalities. Our local hospitals here in Concord have recently installed photoelectric systems. In our region of he North-East U.S.A transmission lines are being laid for the utilization of hydroelectric power originating in Canada.

    Nuclear power industries have made significant advances in nuclear reactor safety and governments are now reconsidering the use of nuclear power as clean energy sources, which put not one ounce of CO2 into the atmosphere.

    So, it is not like the world is doing nothing to make beneficial change. Europe, especially Germany is doing a great deal to incentivize the use of electric vehicles. The same is happening in The U.S. The world is taking notice of industries like Tesla, Ford, and Toyota and their efforts towards bringing electric vehicles into the market place. But, to make it work quickly, citizens need to be willing to support these changes by purchasing these vehicles and letting go of the gasoline guzzlers.

    10 Solutions for Climate Change:
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