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    Knowing nothing

    Soto Zen teacher Brad Warner talks about nothing on his blog:


    Any comments about what he said ?

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    Hello Aloka,

    This makes sense to me. I have nothing profound to say about it. I plan to ponder this today and look for nothingness!

    Hope you have a lovely day.

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    Hi Aloka

    I find the concept of "nothingness" or its partner "everything is essentially empty" easier to understand when I think of life as a process that is conditioned by events in the present conditioning the next moment.

    When I think about it, if there was a fixed predetermined reality, there couldn't be a conditioned arising, creativity, freewill, education etc..
    There has to be nothing for the process to manifest into ?

    Similarly, when the present moment is past, there is no past, only a pretty unreliable memory happening in the present, so all things come from nothing and proceed into nothing, they are therefore intrinsically empty of any solid substantial essence, we are formed and dissolved moment by moment, it is a bit like watching a film, there is no "moving" in a movie, what is actually happening is a series of still pictures played at a speed that fools the mind into thinking there is movement.

    As for Hogans Hero's I am old enough to remember it and I think I know nothing along with sergeant schultz

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