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    AN 3.34 Good Sleep

    I was reading a sutta from the Anguttara Nikaya this morning :

    AN 3.34 : Good Sleep

    Thus have I heard. On one occasion when the Blessed One was dwelling in the Āḷavi country, he rested on a heap of leaves spread on a cattle track in a siṃsapa forest.

    At that time Hatthaka of Āḷavi36 passed that way while taking a walk and there he saw the Blessed One seated on the heap of leaves. Having approached the Blessed One and paid homage to him, Hatthaka sat down to one side and said to the Blessed One:

    “Venerable sir, has the Blessed One slept well?”
    “Yes, prince, I slept well. Among those in the world who always sleep well, I am one.”

    “But, Lord, the winter nights are cold and this is a week of frost. Hard is the ground trampled by the hoofs of cattle, thin is the spread of leaves, sparse are the leaves on the trees, thin are the tawny monk’s robes and cold blows the wind. Yet the Blessed One says that he has slept well and that he is one of those in the world who always sleep well.”

    “Now, prince, I shall put a question to you about this and you may reply as you think fit. What do you think of this, prince? Suppose there is a householder or a householder’s son living in a house with a gabled roof, plastered inside and out, protected against the wind, with fastened door bolts and windows closed. And there is a couch in the house, covered with a longfleeced, black woollen rug, with a bedspread of white wool, a coverlet decorated with flowers, spread over with an exquisite antelope skin, having a canopy overhead, and scarlet cushions at both ends. Also a lamp is burning there and his four wives attend on him pleasantly. What do you think, prince: would that person sleep well or not, or what is your opinion about this?”

    “He will surely sleep well, Lord. He will be one of those in the world who sleep well.”

    “What do you think, prince? Might there not arise in that householder or householder’s son vexations of body or mind caused by lust, hatred, and delusion, which torment him so that he would sleep badly?”

    “That may well be so, Lord.”

    “Now, prince, the lust, hatred, and delusion by which that householder is tormented, and which cause him to sleep badly, have been abandoned by the Tathāgata, cut off at the root, made barren like palm-tree stumps, obliterated so that they are no more subject to arise in the future. Therefore, prince, I have slept well.”

    The brahmin who is quenched within
    Always sleeps happily;

    He does not cling to sensual desires,
    Free from props, one cool in mind.
    Having cut all straps of attachment,
    Removed care deep within the heart,
    The Peaceful One sleeps happily,
    Attained to perfect peace of mind.

    Any comments about the sutta ?

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    Being one that suffers from insomnia, I appreciate this sutta. Of course the traffic that runs through my mind interferes with my peace and therefore even in my warm and cozy bed sleep often escapes me. Relinquishing the past as just that-the past and letting the future reveal itself in due time, then being present in the moment of warmth and perfect presence lets me sleep peacefully. I've gotten much better at this over the past several month.

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    Nice sutta. It makes evident that sleeping well is part of the practice of Buddha's teachings. A peaceful mind is a guarantee of sleeping well.

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    The Buddhist practice on the whole points us in the direction of mindfulness, meditation , and taking the time to be "kind to your mind" - (Ajahn Brahm quote) , reflection and contemplation of suffering done at the beginning with the intention of being gentle and kind and seeking gentle answers or a gentle letting go of opinions that may be causing such confusions and problems, the practice without doubt aids good sleep, and yes some days or moments are more difficult to let go of, but with practice and dedication a more peaceful sleep is possible!
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