The Samatha Trust UK (Theravada) is running a new online course from October 9th 2016 to June 2017, on "Mindfulness of breathing to develop calm".

It will be led by Peter Harvey who was the former Professor of Buddhist Studies at Sunderland University and is author of the book "Introduction to Buddhist Teachings, History and Practices."

From the website:

While it is best to learn this practice by attending a local class, many people may not be within reach of such a class. We therefore also provide an online class, taught by Peter Harvey and a small group of other teachers, using written and recorded material that Peter developed over many years in teaching traditional face-to-face classes. This is supplemented by online written discussions. The aim is to have a group of people reflectively learning the practice, stage by stage, together, as in a non-online class.

A particular feature of this online class is that each meditator will have weekly one-to-one discussions using the Skype free video-link, with Peter or another teacher, about how their practice is going.

The course begins on October 9th and runs through to the end of June. Participants can download a week's teachings at any time during a week, and will arrange a convenient time for their one-to-one Skype discussion.

To register an interest, contact Peter Harvey: When doing this, please say what country you are based in.

Where this is the UK, Ireland or the USA, where there are existing Samatha classes, please also include county or state. Please also indicate whether you already do, or have done, a meditation practice, and if so, of what type. While no previous experience is necessary, it is helpful to know what experience people may have.

Updates for more recent courses can be found on the website: