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    I am taking to the open road to visit the different things the USA has to offer. Can anyone recommend a good recording of lessons or lectures on Buddhism for me to listen to as I am driving. A set of CDs, tapes, 8 track , or what ever. Although I have been practicing for 7 years I am still nearer to being at the beginning level than to being at the intermediate level. Having said that, any lecture series with big words and complex themes scare me and really won't help me on my path.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Neyya, its nice to hear from you at BWB again!

    There are 108 audio teachings from Ajahn Sumedho on the Amaravati Monastery website and maybe you could record some of them onto tapes or CD's or listen to them with a mobile ? Personally I would choose ones dated from the mid 1990's to 2010 (when he retired as the abbot there) - but I'm sure the earlier ones will be good as well.

    and also there's lots of talks given by Ajahn Amaro, who is also an excellent speaker:

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