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    Working with intense emotions

    Western Tibetan Buddhist monk and teacher Karma Yeshe Rabgye gives some advice:

    Working with intense emotions

    About twenty years ago Michele McDonald coined the acronym R.A.I.N, which is an easy to remember, four step mindfulness practice, which helps you deal with intense, destructive emotions. R.A.I.N stands for Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Non-identification.

    Over the last few years I have been introducing this practice to my students that suffer from anxiety. I am not a doctor, just a meditation teacher, but I have personally found it to be very beneficial and so have my students. The beauty of R.A.I.N is that it can be either used as a stand-alone meditation practice, or as an on-the-spot tool to help you mindfully (and compassionately) work through whatever challenging emotion you are experiencing.

    Here is how you can use R.A.I.N. ........


    Any comments about what he said in the article ?

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    Aloka, thanks for posting this. I like it a lot. Its simple and to the point and its an accronym which I like being a former military man.

    A great "'on the spot" mindfulness coping strategy. I know I can use this.

    Thanks again.

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    A great "'on the spot" mindfulness coping strategy. I know I can use this.
    I'm so glad that you find it helpful. Neyya. I really like Karma Yeshe Rabgye's secular approach and the non-superstitous, practical advice on his website.

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