Thread: Creating problems that don't need to be there

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    Creating problems that don't need to be there

    This is an excerpt from an article in Soto Zen priest Brad Warner's blog:

    My friend Rob Robbins was troubled by the First Bodhisattva Vow, which says, “I vow to save all beings.” It sounds impossible. And it is. If by “saving all beings” you’re imagining you have to be Superman and rescue everybody from whatever trouble they’re in.

    Rob found a brilliant way to rephrase that vow. He said, “I vow to save all beings… from myself.”

    We can’t do all that much as individuals to solve everything that’s wrong with the world. But we can learn not to add to those problems unnecessarily. We do that by sitting with ourselves and seeing how we personally contribute to the very problems we hope to solve.

    I don’t mean that we get a magic download during our big transcendent moments about which kinds of plastic are recyclable and which are not. We learn how, moment-by-moment in each of our interactions we very often create problems that don’t really need to be there.

    We see it because we sit with ourselves watching it happen in real time.

    Any comments ?

    More at the link :

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    I love this!

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