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    Deleted posts

    Is there any particular reason why some posts that comply with the Code of Conduct simply get deleted?

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    Hi dharmamom,

    I'm not sure what you mean exactly, are you refering to your own posts? None of your posts have been deleted by me and Woodscooter hasn't sent me a memo informing me of any posts he's deleted either.

    Website staff either send members a pm if a post of theirs has been deleted, or alternatively, they write a moderation note in a topic to say that inapproprate or off-topic posts have been removed.

    In other circumstances it can be if someone has been put on moderated posts for some reason - in which case the posts have to be read and moderator approved first, before they can be seen. (A procedure which other groups sometime have for a whole forum on a website) However, we don't have anyone on moderated posts here at the moment.

    We've been having glitches with the server and technical problems lately (as you can see from Woodscooters post in this forum last month) , so I'm really sorry if that's happening to you.

    I know all kinds of weird things can start happening with my own posts sometimes if there's a glitch - and it can be quite frustrating. I've just looked back at your posts from the last couple of days and noticed you said in #8 in the Theravada forum jhana thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by dharmamom
    I have posted an answer but it got lost, so I hope second time around comes more or less similar to what I wrote before.
    so it looks like that's what it is.

    Unfortunately I don't have any technical knowledge of forum software and so on, Woodscooter is our technical administrator - so PM him if it keeps happening.

    Kind regards,


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