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    Hello from Orlando Florida

    I was attracted to Buddhism by the 4 noble truths, which is the heart of Buddhist teachings. They made sense to me, and required no leap of faith. They were designed to reduce suffering, and find peace. This is what I am looking for. I always had a problem with agitation, and anxiety, and wanted to live a more joyful, peaceful life.

    I am relatively new to Buddhism, but focusing on the 4 noble truths has already had an effect on me. I feel more accepting and at peace, though I have a long way to go

    I look forward to interacting with other members of the forum, and hope in time to gain some genuine wisdom.

    May all sentient beings be happy, and free from suffering.

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    Hi serenity 1227,

    Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


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    Hi serenity1227

    Welcome to BWB, I hope you'll enjoy being a member of the group.

    With kind wishes,


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