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Thread: What do you believe

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    My interest in Buddhism comes from a recognition of Dukkha and Buddhadhamma as being the only way to overcome it.

    The only belief I have is if I practice well, then there will be Nibbana. However through practice initial belief becomes verified through experience and is transformed into knowledge. The come and see approach :)

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    Hi all,
    I suppose I have a rather dry outlook on the Buddhism. For about the last 10 years I've come to see the three marks of existence as being the key to understanding Buddhist teachings. For me, anicca has the strongest pull, and is the one that clearly defines the nature of existence. I see all of life through that lens.
    ..... john

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    Thank you very much for your post John.

    I think its worth noting that before today this topic hadn't been posted in for about seven years, so some of the participants may have stopped posting on the internet altogether.

    New discussion topics are alway welcome and this one old one is now closed.

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