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Thread: Buddhism and Homosexuality

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    His Holiness the Dalai Lama has expressed a change of heart more recently in terms of homosexual relationships and same-sex marriage.

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    It might be worth noting that the author of the blog - Karma yeshe Rabje - doesn't live in the West, he lives in India and the quoted blog entry was written in January 2014.

    This was part of the Dalai Lama's statement in 1997. Some people who were shocked about it at the time, didn't realise however that he is not the head of world buddhism, nor the head of Tibetan Buddhism. Additionally, what is refered to as "Buddhist" scripture applies to Tibetan but not necessarily other Buddhist traditions.

    The Dalai Lama said the same Buddhist scripture that advises against gay and lesbian sex also urges heterosexuals to refrain from oral sex, anal sex and masturbation. "Even with your own wife, using one's mouth or the other hole is sexual misconduct," he said. "Using one's hand, that is sexual misconduct."

    Steve Peskind, one of the gay Buddhists meeting with the Dalai Lama today, was disappointed with yesterday's remarks.

    "We will be talking to him about the impact of these statements on homophobic violence," Peskind said. "What is proper sexual conduct for gay Buddhists, and who's going to teach us?"

    The Tibetan leader noted that those same traditional texts that oppose oral and anal sex approve of vaginal sex with a prostitute.
    In the video #11 he says "In Buddhism certain kinds of sexual misconduct, so should follow" and also that same sex marriage is up to the county's law - so somehow I'm not really seeing a huge move in a different direction to his original citing of Tsongkharpa's rules about sex.

    He can also hardly publicly speak out against sex which is approved of now (gay marriage) in some of the countries which host him as a visitor, including this excellent statement :

    "No government, state or federal, has the right to discriminate against someone because of the color of their skin or sexual orientation."

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    Quote Originally Posted by delaware
    From my experience of living and travelling in India with exile Tibetans, the bigger issue on a practical at least level is the proscriptions about place. Absolutely no sexual relations in monasteries, ....
    This might be of interest, if you don't know about it already, its about the young Kagyu tulku the 2nd Kalu Rinpoche and is from a news article a couple of years ago: "The YouTube confessional sending shockwaves through the Buddhist world"

    Tibetan 'tulkus' (reincarnate lamas) are usually educated in monasteries from a very young age.

    [The previous elderly 1st Kalu Rinpoche(a monk) and his nephew were said to have been having a secret sexual relationship with his female translator June Campbell]

    Quote Originally Posted by the article about 2nd Kalu

    He relates how he was moved to a different monastery and at the age of 12 was sexually abused by older monks. He goes on to reveal that when he refused to obey instructions, his tutor tried to kill him.

    "It was all about money, power and control," he says.

    This is the "Confessions of Kalu Rinpoche "video.

    He is now married to a Tibetan woman and this is his website:


    Are there any prohibitions about GLBT in other schools /traditions I wonder ?


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    In Abhidhamma text book, there are plenty to say about sexual misconducts including gays and other sexual deformities.
    Would you like me to translate them to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by suwapan View Post
    In Abhidhamma text book, there are plenty to say about sexual misconducts including gays and other sexual deformities.
    Would you like me to translate them to you?

    Being gay isn't a "deformity"

    It's a natural part of nature.

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    Having spent the first 2-3 years of my Buddhist practice within a Tibetan tradition, the viewpoint outlined in the original blog post, based on Tsongkhapa’s teachings, was the first one I was exposed to regarding this topic.

    Due to my unfamiliarity with the historical teachings of the Buddha at the time (now only just learning), I must have mistakenly thought that this viewpoint represented the teaching/viewpoint of Gautama Buddha. I recall finding that quite confusing.

    I’m incredibly grateful to now be studying the historical teachings of the Buddha, in which the previous confusion on this topic has been settled, at least for me. For myself, the less confusion the better!

    With love,
    Sea Turtle

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    I saw a video (Just over 4 minutes) of Ajahn Brahm speaking about LGBT recently in Singapore, and thought I'd add it to this thread:

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    The Wat which I go to, which is Thai, doesn't seem to care if people are gay. The monk I talked to took in it stride when I mentioned I was. and a Tibetan organization near to me also seems to care less, particularly the head teacher there, which is a FPMT organization, foundation for preservation of the Mahayana tradition.

    As well, the Insight Meditation Society has no problem with gays and lesbians and transgendered. so in terms of the living tradition, of real practitioners and real teachers, there is not a prejudice against same sex relations unless you are with a conservative group.

    Even some very fine spiritual teachers of various traditions, I am thinking sufi for one, who were born in a certain area, were unable to wrap their mind around the gay thing, so in my estimation, some of the problem with Buddhism and homosexuality, when there has been or is a problem, has been from males authority figures born in a certain time period and raised in a certain time period.

    One Tibetan black hat teacher, caused a stir at a meeting in Boulder, CO that I was at because he spoke against homosexuality; and in liberal Boulder, it didn't fly. people are more intelligent than that, that is, too intelligent to accept condemnation of same sex relationships in a liberal college town like Boulder. They know better.

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